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Slime Gallery

Solo Project

Unity Engine | Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

Slime Gallery is a game about being the owner of an art gallery as a slime. Unfortunately, the art pieces were lost during transport and it is up to the player to draw new art pieces to fill their gallery.

Slime Gallery Save.gif

My contributions

Fully functional drawing system using render textures.

Supports different resolutions.

Variable brush size and shape.

Different colors and an eraser.

Ability to export, or save textures.

"Slime Physics"

What went wrong...

...and what I wish I had known.

I should have focused on functionality rather than scalability:

The biggest problem I had with this project was the fact that I had no idea as to how to make a "drawing mechanic". 

I pursued a few approaches I thought seemed promising but along the way, I fell into the idea that I should make it the way that would be easiest to use in the editor rather than focus on getting it to work.

This lost me a lot of time going down dead ends.

It doesn't look the best:


Sure the mechanics work but I am rather unhappy with the overall look. So much time was wasted on the problem above that, in the end, I didn't get to focus on the polish and the aesthetics which should have been the core of this type of game.


Overall, the colors need work, the brush strokes need work, the UI needs a lot of work, and I really wish I had the time to focus more on a story than simply toss players in a sandbox.

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