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Languages & Engines

C / C++


JavaScript (Familiar)

Unreal Engine (Familiar)

Unity Engine

OpenGL (Familiar)

Special Skills

Fluent in Italian, Spanish, and English.


Shader Programming (code and nodes)





Visual Studio



Maya (Familiar)

Illustrator (Familiar)



B.S. in Computer Science and Game Design 

DigiPen Institute of Technology

PDF Version

Tech Design Resume

Programmer Resume

Sept 2016 - Apr 2021

Academic Game Projects

Solo Project

Stained | Unity Engine | Jan 2021 – April 2021

Implemented a fully functional painting system based on player movement.

Implemented colored light projection to support stained glass aesthetic.

Implemented color picking/blending for more player option.


Hydraulic Erosion Simulation | Unity Engine | Jan 2021 – April 2021

Implemented noise based procedural terrain generation.

Implemented hydraulic erosion using bilinear interpolation of height and momentum of simulated water particles.

Created an editor HUD to control exposed variables and change simulation at run time.

Refactored systems and data structures to improve runtime efficiency.

Solo Project

AI Sandbox | Custom Engine | Jan 2021 – April 2021

Coded behavior tree nodes to diversify agent behavior.

Implemented unique agent behavior using behavior trees.

Coded multiple pathfinding algorithms to mobilize agents based on different heuristics.

Programmed terrain analysis modules to let AI agents determine line of sight, safety, stealth, and target tracking.

UI/UX Designer 

Project Roo | Unity Engine | Jan 2020 – Apr 2020

Designed diegetic HUD elements using illustrator and photoshop, to cleanly present information to the player.

Implemented a 3D mapping system to guide players.

Coded UI/UX systems to handle menus, waypoints, and inventory to implement our HUD.

Implemented a quest/objectives system to guide players.

Implemented waypoints to connect the mapping and objectives systems.

Conducted live user tests and competitive research to improve the implemented UI.

Design Director, Gameplay Programmer, & Co Producer

Delta Time | Custom Engine | Sept 2017 - April 2018

Co-Led & organized a team of 15 people using Scrum and Trello to meet deadlines

Ran bi-weekly one-on-ones to diffuse stress caused by setbacks and to retarget priorities

Implemented a Timeline Manager to record and rewind time for the game

Implemented an Object Factory to easily instantiate game entities in the engine

Designed and play tested different levels to help the player learn how to use his abilities

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