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Project Roo

UI/UX Designer, Tech Designer

Unity Engine | Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Project Roo is a 3D FPS dungeon crawler that recreates mechanics similar to those of Metroid Prime with some looter shooter aspects.

My contributions

Created Game and menu UI:

Wireframe mockups for the different game systems/scenes.

Final UI assets, effects, and animations.

Implemented a 3D mapping system and associated shaders:

Low poly room projections.

The map is procedurally revealed.

Implemented a Quest/Objective system:

Support for multiple simultaneous objectives.

Support for chained objectives.

What went wrong...

...and what I wish I had known.

Map Systems could have been set up to be more scalable:

The map projection was made to work in contained pre-generated levels. Thus the placement of the holograms was manual and in turn time consuming. 


Once the game was creating the levels procedurally I should have had our map holograms attach to that system and be created alongside the levels by associating the map objects and shader with the real level but wasn't able as other features were prioritized.

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