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Opening Night

Solo Project

Unity Engine | Sept 2020 - Dec 2020

Opening Night is a short narrative game which explores dealing with negative thought patterns and anxiety within a game.


My contributions

Implemented dynamic shader to control the camera field of view and post processing based on the breathing mechanic. 

Set up dialogue trees handling narrative options to support player agency.

Implemented a breathing mechanic for the players to interact with the anxiety events.

Set up a "negative" vocabulary for the game to dynamically generate "bad thoughts".

Implemented a "Mean Conductor" to control the shader, sounds, and string generators to handle the anxiety effects.

What went wrong...

...and what I wish I had known.

Dealing with uncomfortable themes within my own work:

This project was my first time recreating uncomfortable experiences within my games.

I learned that this process can be a taxing one both on the people working with it and the users testing it.

It had me learn to handle working with uncomfortable topics and themes and separate my personal bias with such things to focus on linking with my users better.

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